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If You Want To Sell More Online, Find More Leads Or Bring In New Business *** YOU NEED A FUNNEL ***
It is only through directly working with real businesses for many years that you get to see the real moving parts and realise that technology is possibly the most frustrating thing when it comes to making any kind of progress.
This is what I can help you with.

Every day I speak to business owners from around the world and help them to achieve their marketing objectives by simplifying their approach, developing sound strategies and systems and by making sure that "Technology Works" - Infact I have three simple principles that can be applied to ANY business, they are:

  • # Technology Must Work
  • # The Right Offer Must Be Shown To The Right People
  • # You MUST Build a Relationship With Your Customers
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Hey, I heard your interview with a good friend of mine, Steve Larsen, we grew up together, went to the same high school. I was wondering, do you have LinkedIn profile that we could connect? Really like your advice and what you do. - Todd Cardon

"Pure Awesomeness..."

hey i just saw your you tube vid you posted in click funnels group...it was pure awesomeness... - Ryan Sacks

"F***ing Amazing"

you're f***ing amazing brother, appreciate all your time and patience!! - Daniel Sierra
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From the Desk of: Danny Walsh

Thank you for stopping by, I have a lot of things going on around the Internet but my main focus is on helping my members and clients to achieve their goals, read on to discover exactly how I can help you. 
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Have you cracked the Internet Marketing Code yet? 

Did you know there was such a thing? 

Well, unless you have enough money coming in from your business to pay for all of your expenses AND live the life you want (and dream about) then I would suggest you have not cracked the Internet Marketing Code. 

I am here to help you with that! 

You see there are many different ways to market yourself (on and off line) and all of these ways have associated costs. So you spend a bit, hope for the best and try to see how well things work, you do what you are confident in, and you only put money into things you are sure will produce a return, the whole internet marketing thing just seems, well, "spammy"?? 

Am I right? 

If so you are probably thinking that I am the next guy coming along trying to sign you up for some BS scheme that will never work in a month of Sundays.

But wait a second, 

What if I told you (without sounding like something from the Matrix) that some of this "spammy" stuff actually works, and that it is not actually "spammy" if you apply my three principles, infact there are marketing techniques that I can show you, teach you and implement for you that will leave you upset that you had not done something like this sooner.

The latest Facebook Ads Course or Flashy Webinar may scratch a particular itch for about five minutes but you also need structure and in order to uphold our three principles we need to build a marketing strategy, you know to go with that business plan you never wrote...

From a strategy comes the ability to measure and monitor results, we can literally see how much it costs to "buy" a new customer or lead.

Then we can see how many clicks we need (and how much they cost) in order to generate our sale / lead...

If you could have a Funnel in place within 8 weeks that not only captures your customers info, it sells to them without really selling, AND lets you know that if you put $1 in you get $2 out, how many times would you put that dollar in?

Unlimited times right?

Not only would you be covering the cost of your advertising and making potential profit you would also be in a position to retarget and remarket those hot leads for months, years to come.... Add the relationship building element and you literally are GOLDEN...

Now which way sounds better?

Your current way.

Or my way? 

I will leave that up to you. What I can tell you is that your business could be a sharpened blade with the systems and structures in place to scaled enormously within 8 weeks or so, of course there will be things to do to get there, and of course there will be investment, but I guess you are searching for something to help your business?

In my view, I think you have just found it.

Let's talk about your business sometime, schedule a call with me below.

and don't forget to join my mailing list, I promise that I will share so much goodness with you for FREE that you will want to tell all your friends (or maybe not)

Thanks again for reading, see below for the next steps.

All success

Danny Walsh

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